Photography captured me at the young age of 7 and I have hardly been without a camera ever since. My first steps into being a professional photographer involved taking a correspondence course with the New York Institute of Photography while staying on an island off the West Coast of Ireland. At the same time I got into the field of stock photography and have done well in that field for about 10 years.  

Eight years ago my career went from instructor and trainer in IT to middle school Special Education teacher, which has given me more time to focus on my art. That extra time and the beautiful surroundings here in Monterey have led me to delve deeper into fine art photography with a focus on portraits and street photography. I joined several women's photography groups and became a member of CPA enjoying as many of their events as I can.  

With the advancement of  software technology, I find myself continuing to grow and explore, expanding my creativity. Recently I have been exploring glamour portrait photography using photographers like Sarah Moon, Lillian Bassman, and old time Hollywood photographers, as my inspiration. My passion for my art continues to soar.


• 2018—3rd Place, Online Juried Exhibition, State of the Art (SOTA): The Human Spirit, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA.  Jurors: Ann Hazels and Rick Murai 

• 2018—2nd Place, Juried Exhibition: Visualize Health Equity, Monterey County Health Department, Salinas, CA.  Jurors: Arts Council for Monterey County 

• 2017—Juried Exhibition: Americana, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO.  Juror: Darren Ching 

• 2017—Group Exhibition: Gatherings, by Fotosaga Women's Photography at The Press Club, Seaside, CA.

• 2017—Group Exhibition: Food, a Fotosaga Women's Photography Exhibition at Mundo’s Monterey, CA.

• 2016—Group Exhibition: Polished: Mirrored Photography, a Fotosaga Women's Photography Exhibition at Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel, CA.  Exhibit  also shown 2017 in Mundo’s Monterey.

• 2016—Group Exhibition: City Centric, an exploration of the San Francisco Bay area by Fotosaga Women's Photography at Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA. 

• 2016—Group Exhibition: Miniatures, installation inspired by contemporary Japanese photographer, Masao Yamamoto. A Fotosaga Women's Photography Exhibition at Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA.

• 2015—Juried Exhibition: 2015 International Juried Exhibition, Online Gallery, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA.  Juror: Robert Hirsch

• 2015—Juried Exhibition: Grotteschi: Exploring Hieronymous Bosch, Carmel Visual Arts, Carmel, CA.  Jurors: Ted Orland and Carol Henry 



    FotoSaga, Carmel, CA

    ImageMakers, Monterey, CA